Paul Sutherland, President & CEO

Paul started his political career in 1985 when he was elected as a North York City Councillor. Paul was re-elected for four terms and served on all committees. He held the roles of Chair of Economic Development, Public Works and Executive Committee, as well as budget lead, and served as Deputy Mayor to Mayor Mel Lastman.

In 1997, the Premier of Ontario appointed Paul as one of six members of the Toronto Transition Team tasked with implementing the amalgamation of the six former municipalities (and Metro) that now make up the City of Toronto. Paul’s responsibilities included merging the seven municipal budgets, Community Council governance, merging the Parking Authorities and working with other team members to appoint the first City Commissioners.

After the Transition Team completed amalgamation, Paul was elected as a Toronto City Councillor in 2000, where he served one term before leaving public service. He went on to serve on the Economic Committee of the Toronto board of Trade from 2004 to 2005.

Paul now uses his extensive experience in municipal government and private business to provide strategic consulting and lobbying to clients across the GTA and other areas of Canada.

Cell: 416.788.1288
Office: 647.725.3014