“I am proud to introduce a diverse, experienced team.”

Since its inception in 2008, Sutherland has prided itself on our client-focused approach. We have an enviable record of guiding clients through the complexities of government policy and bureaucracy, connecting the right people in the right way and developing communications strategies that deliver results.

Over the past decade Sutherland has grown, but our level of individual attention has never diminished. Whether on the West Coast, in Central or Atlantic Canada, former elected officials, government, parliamentary and municipal staff, public policy and communications professionals all contribute their expertise and insight to every file.

I am proud to introduce a team as diverse in its experience as our client base and as dedicated to individual client success today as the day Sutherland signed its first account.

I invite you to learn more about each member of our team.

Paul Sutherland

Sutherland Team

Sutherland Associates